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Zion Williamson With The Worst DM Pick Up Lines Ever

Duke freshmen sensation has had a bit of time on his hand recently with his knee injury keeping him out of action for some time now. Zion is rumored to be returning for the ACC tournament. But just like any college kid what did Zion do on his spare time? Yeah, try to pick up some girls using social media. But unfortunately for Zion, he tried with girls from his school’s biggest rival: North Carolina.

Yeah you read that right, Zion went with the line :

I have a big room, come sleep with me

Ok. we have to admit. Pretty pathetic line, but if you are as famous as Zion any line should work and it doesn’t really matter what you say right? The only mistake that was made here by the freshmen was you don’t send this to your rival school! Of course she’s gonna put you on blast. Oh well, you live and learn. Shooters keep shooting.

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