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You Won’t Believe How Much Colin Kaepernick Asked For To Play In AAF

Interesting news regarding the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who has been out of a job for a while now, and serving as a political activist. There has been a lot of media, players, and famous stars ‘protesting’ the NFL to get Kaepernick a job once again. Many believe he was black-balled from the league.

Well, he got his shot to be back in football, although it is not the NFL… The newly founded Alliance of American Football (AAF) has reached out to Kaepernick and wanted to see if they could lure the big name to their league.

Not so fast. Kaepernick was looking for an insane amount of money to play in the AAF, requesting $20 million or more to play…

You read that right, $20 million for a league that just started this year.

The league, which experienced a warm welcome from NFL fans hungry for football following a boring Super Bowl, is intent on providing opportunities to former NFL players looking to get back on their feet.

Some notable names that appeared on opening weekend include former top running back prospect ?Trent Richardson and quarterback Christian Hackenberg.

Is Kaepernick being a little over the top with this request?


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