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You Gotta Love Raptor Fans Setting Off Fireworks At 3 AM Outside The Warriors Hotel And Yelling ‘Fuck Steph Curry’

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Alright, you gotta admit this was pretty funny. I mean this is what sports is about. Fans, emotion, trying to maintain the home court advantage. Now, I wouldn’t expect this from Canada our friendly neighbors up north. But I guess, once basketball is involved and the fact that we dominate Canada in NHL Hockey (no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993), I guess this means war. I can see why Raptor fans are on edge. The NBA is treating Drake like a god damn criminal , their star player Kawhi Leonard is rumored to be leaving to Los Angeles and they can’t even win in Hockey. So I am fully supporting blowing up fireworks outside the Warriors team hotel and yelling “Steph Curry”, that’s the type of energy I want. Now, that being said, Go Warriors. I am staunch Warriors supporter, and really this shit ain’t going to work, Steph is dropping 50 tonight.

Game 1 prediction: Warriors 103 Raptors 98 

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