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‘World’s Hottest Marine’ Claims Being An IG Model Is Just As Hard As Being A Marine

Well, first of all. We all read the title. And I am not ready to argue with a Marine because I physically stand no chance of winning that battle. But Shannon Ihrke is claimed by some to the world’s hottest Marine and she claims being a model on Instagram is just as hard as being in the actual military:

INSIDE EDITION – Not only does this model look great posing as a Marine, she’s also great at being one in real life.

The “World’s Hottest Marine” Shannon Ihrke has got it all — brains, brawn and beauty.

“I love modeling just like I love the Marine Corps,” the 30-year-old Minnesota native told

Ihrke said things worked drastically differently in the modeling world, and it took her a couple of reality checks to transition into civilian life.

“In the Marine Corps, if someone tells you ‘no,’ you can prove them wrong,’” she said. “In the modeling world, if someone tells you ‘no,’ there’s nothing you can do. You’re not it.’”

Ihrke said she also had a hard time with her temper, noting that it would be perfectly acceptable to scream at someone who cut her in line while in the Marines, but as a civilian, “I can’t do that, I have to just chill.”

She thrived with the help of her female mentors and said her greatest accomplishment was proving to herself that she could do whatever she set her mind to.

“When you push yourself to the limit, you’re amazed at what your body can really go through,” she said.

Well who are we to argue, anyways here she is and yeah she’s the world’s hottest marine hands down that we have seen:

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