Who Wants To Take A Class With “Taiwan’s Hottest Teacher”?

Well we all love having a great looking teacher and this teacher in Taiwan has become an internet sensation for her good looks and her amazing resume. According to the Daily Mail:

A lecturer has been dubbed ‘Taiwan’s hottest teacher’ after photos taken of her during her classes went viral.

Cheng Jhia-wen became an internet celebrity after pictures of her teaching a class at the Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology in Taoyuan city were shared online.

The photos, taken by her students, show the lecturer in a black mini-dress, teaching a course on intellectual property rights.

What else does she have besides look amazing? She is studying law at a The Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. She teaches an elective called knowledge-based economy and intellectual property. She also plays the piano and the flute. She’s a complete package. Sign us up for her courses now! In the meantime here are some more photos of her for you to enjoy.

You can also follow her on Instagram here.

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