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Watching Stephen A Smith On A Soap Opera Is Pure Gold!

Stephen A. Smith is a huge sports personality that everyone knows. He’s basically a walking meme. One thing, that everyone might not know about Stephen. A Smith is he is a huge fan of the soap opera General Hospital.

How did he become a fan? Stephen A. Smith said:

“I have four older sisters, and when we came home from school, all the TV’s in the house were on General Hospital, Since I wasn’t allowed outside until I finished my homework, I watched the soap every day.”

Here is a scene of General Hospital:

Here is a little bit of the background:

Brick helped Sonny trace the mysterious call from Russia, but that’s not going to be the end of the mystery. A mob boss will always need a trusted expert like that! So don’t be too surprised if Smith pops back into Port Charles for another visit very soon! (Heck, Curtis’ Aunt Stella has declared she’s sticking around, so maybe she and Brick could get together?):

And Here’s the full scene:


Hopefully we get more Stephen A. Smith on soap operas soon!

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