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Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator Resigns After Twitter User Exposes Him For Using Recruiting Trips To Have Sex With His Wife

Virginia Tech assistant football coach Galen Scott said he resigned following emails to school administrators and coaches revealing an extramarital affair he was involved with.

Twitter user @Diggy1973 exposed this affair that was happening between his wife and Coach Scott by replying to every single Virginia Tech tweet trying to get their attention…

Here are some of the tweets.


“I made a mistake, man,” Scott, who in January had been promoted to co-defensive coordinator, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Friday afternoon shortly after the university announced his resignation. “I made a mistake and hurt my family. I just have to make sure I can handle that.”

Scott said he met with Hokies coach Justin Fuente, a close friend of his, and discussed the situation. The two determined it would be best for Scott to resign and focus on his family, Scott said.

Scott has been co-defensive coordinator at Tech since 2016, when he followed Justin Fuente there.  He was set to make $340K this year, after coming off two solid seasons at 10-4 and 9-4.  Everything looking up and instead Scott is looking for work after @Diggy1973 blew his life up for fucking his wife.

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