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Video: Tom Brady Has Epic Response On Why He Isn’t Highest Paid QB

Let’s keep this simple. This video is basically not going to change your mind. You either love Tom Brady or you hate Tom Brady. I haven’t heard anyone ever say.. “Bradys’ ok” or anything resembling a middle ground with Tom. It’s either I love him or I hate him. But, whether you love or hate Tom Brady the fact is he has taken a ton of pay cuts to keep the New England Patriots machine running. So on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Brady was asked why he wasn’t the highest paid player in the NFL. And Brady gave an epic response.

“For me in my life, winning is a priority… and my wife makes a lot of money.” –

Just epic. I mean yeah the guy wins Super Bowls, has a Super Model Wife and is probably the best football player ever. Doesn’t get better than that: Image result for gisele

You can watch the whole interview here:

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