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Video: This Old Man Totally Used The Oldest Trick In The Book!

If you’re hooping, It can go many ways. For our shirtless defender it went the WRONG way. He expected a solid post move but instead the man in the gray shirt planted the ball onto the concrete, faked the hook shot, and then picked up the rock for a backwards shot.

Not only did the ballhander juke the defender, but he added insult to injury with the one-handedbackwards shot. Because of that, you can see why all the dudes watching had to jog off the secondhand burn. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but there’s a reason it’s still being used: it works!


When you play against someone with two knee pads, you have to expect something like this. It’s a simple move but it’s an effective . Those knee pads say, “I’m ready to play,” and yet the defender failed to recognize that. Maybe next time, the defender will be ready.


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