(Video) This Haka Dance By An LSU Player And His Dad Will Give You Chills

The moment wasn’t in his plans. Vili Fehoko started doing the haka, and Breiden Fehoko ( his son ) couldn’t control himself when he saw his dad doing the haka.

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What is a haka?

The haka is a traditional Maori posture dance considered to be the dance that celebrates life. It is a dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment.

The LSU defensive lineman walked  way down Victory Hill for LSU’s “Tiger Walk,” like the team does before every single home game, while his father waited behind the gate near the Tiger Stadium locker room.

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Fehoko hugged his mom and dad before walking in, but then Vili — who was “Vili the Warrior” at University of Hawaii football games for 11 years — started doing a haka — a traditional Maori posture dance — right in front of him

LSU football fan Vili Fehoko shows his enthusiasm at the team makes its way into Tiger Stadium to take on the Mississippi Rebels in Baton Rouge on Saturday, September 29, 2018. (Photo by Brett Duke, | The Times-Picayune) | The Times-Picayune

“I just lost it,” Fehoko said. “I had to do it too.”

Breiden, Vili and Fehoko’s brother performed “Ka Mate” — the most widely known Maori haka — right in front of the huge amount of LSU fans, yelling and stomping their feet doing the war cry while Vili got so excited he picked up the gate and started slamming it against the ground.

LSU Teammates  were jumping up and down watching with excitement, and when Fehoko walked into the locker room teammates were mimicking the dance and yelling.

“I gotta do it with you next time, man!” they said. “I’m doing it with your daddy next time.”

The video will give you chills and lucky for all of us people caught it in multiple angels.

What an absolute amazing moment. And LSU went out and beat The #2 team in the country The Georgia Bulldogs.

Breiden was asked about the moment later and he said the Haka “prepares the warrior to go to war”.

What an amazing moment for Fehoko, his family and the whole entire LSU team.

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Fehoko said Ed Orgeron made the Fehoko do it for the defensive line last season before a 6 a.m. meeting before heading to Florida for the Citrus Bowl. The whole team was exhausted and quiet, and Orgeron asked him if he has a little something for the team.

“Get your butt up here and do that haka,” Orgeron demanded.

It’s safe to say that the Haka gets you pumped.

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