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Video: Kobe Bryant Speaks To University of Alabama Football Team

It’s a custom for Alabama and Nick Saban bring in guest speakers address its football team during fall camp, and several speakers have already spoken inside of the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility:

One of those speakers was Kobe Bryant and he had a great message for the football team: Video VIA : Alabama Football

Nick Saban said about the speakers:

“We’ve had some great speakers here these first few days of camp,” head coach Nick Saban said earlier this week. “Some of those quotes I remember were: ‘Why is it so hard to give 100 percent when its 100 percent up to you?’ That really resonated with me.

“Then we had a speaker who said, ‘Sometimes your talent can be your nemesis because if you think you’re really good at something maybe you don’t have to grind, maybe think you don’t have to work as hard.’ But we’re trying to get the young players who are talented to have the kind of effort, toughness, discipline to execute so that they have the kind of opportunity to be able to learn and contribute, which in a lot of cases we can really use, a lot of these young guys, if we can get them in position where they can have a role on the team.”

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