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Video: Jay Cutler Gives High Quality Dating Advice

Jay Cutler is the only reason we personally turn on Very Cavallari. Last night Season 2 premiered and Jay once again stole the show. He’s somewhere between mean, condescending but oddly magnetic. I haven’t seen this level of nonchalant in a long time and when watching him give his dating advice you kind of understand why he was the Quarterback he was. He goes about life with the same passion as he did while playing QB.

I mean the advice is kind of spot on. We can all learn from Jay here that boys and girls let’s take our time and be normal. Don’t be clingy, be normal. Thanks Jay! By the way, let’s not forget to mention how gorgeous Kristin Cavallari is she had 3 kids before the age of 30 and comes out looking even better then she did on The Hills.

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