Video: Did This 78 Year Old Man Punch A Black Bear In The Face?

So… what do you think you’ll be doing at 78? This man still is going strong and he even punched a black bear.. in the face!

PHOTO: Sonny Pumphrey, 78, punch a bear in the face when he confronted it in his driveway, Nov.6, 2018, in White Oak, North Carolina.

According to ABC:

We may not punch ballots on Election Day anymore, but for one 78-year-old man, he was punching something: a big black bear. Sonny Pumphrey was cleaning up fall leaves in his driveway in White Oak, North Carolina, on Nov. 6 when he came face to face with a mother bear and her two cubs. He said that the cubs ran away when he saw them, but that the mother stayed behind, leaving him with no choice but to confront her. “I had nowhere to run. I could not go right and I couldn’t go left,” Pumphrey told ABC News. “I guess I just went with my natural instinct and just tried to protect myself.” Pumphrey said the bear immediately ran toward him to attack, and that his reaction was to punch her in the face. “I had nothing in my hands, so… I just started slugging at the bear as hard as I could,” he said.

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