Tom Brady Hangs Up On Radio Interview After Being Asked About His Trainer

Tom Brady cut short his weekly Monday morning interview with WEEI after repeated questions about Alex Guerrero, Brady’s “guru” and business partner, and his seemingly resumed close relationship with the Patriots.

It’s the second time in a month Brady has walked out when Guerrero’s name comes up, so if he thinks shutting down interviews are going to stop the media from asking about Guerrero, he must not be drinking enough TB12 Electrolytes.

Listen to this clip below from the interview from’s twitter:

Video VIA Twitter ESPN

Here’s the transcript below:

Kirk Minihane: “We saw the reports this weekend that Alex was on the team plane, which he wasn’t for the second half of last year, I guess, and not on the sideline. Is that accurate?”

Tom Brady: “Yeah, he was with me this last week, so it was — yeah.”

Minihane: “So what changed in him not being on the team plane last year and this year? Was that just communication back and forth? Or was that an understanding of other things? What led to that being able to happen this year?”

Brady: “You know, I don’t wanna — I’m not getting into all that.”

Minihane: “OK. Yeah, when I ran into him at the Super Bowl last year in Minneapolis, I remember talking to you about the time when I talked to him there, he had said, in his opinion, that all the stuff had been overblown, that he and [coach Bill] Belichick had a pretty good relationship even then. Would you say that was true?”

Brady: [pauses] I said, ‘I don’t want to get into it.’

Minihane: “OK.”

Brady: “I mean, everybody knows it’s well-documented, you know, the work he and I do together.”

Minihane: “No, I know. I understand that. I’m just trying to figure out because I saw the reports this weekend that he’s traveling with the team. Was he on the sideline on Friday?”

Brady: “Yeah. Alright, guys, have a great day. I’ll talk to you later.” [Dial tone.]

Thanks Tom! Happy Monday!

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