This Is The Ultimate What The Fluff Challenge Fail

I know, some of you may be wondering WTF is the “What The Fluff” Challenge? (Pun Intended).

It is a new viral challenge where pet owners use sleight-of-hand to put their pets at a point of pure confusion.

All you need is your pet (typically it’s been dogs and cats) and a blanket to disguise yourself.

Oddly enough we did see it on a horse once though…

Soon enough our pets are going to have enough with blankets all together..

Videos of the trick are popping up all over Twitter and Instagram – more than 10,000 videos have been posted to #WhatTheFluffChallenge on Instagram.

Turns out that the pet will only show confusion if it’s from their owner, and one that they truly love. Well, thats the word on the street.

We will never find out here though, because this is the fail of all fails.

And we LOVE it.

Big shoutout to Ashlynn Dacus for this awesome video!

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