This Horse Ran Into A Sports Bar

Title. Simple. Yes you read that right. A horse, an ACTUAL Horse ran into a sports bar in France. We’ve all heard the joke “A horse walked into the bar” well this time it’s no joke and camera footage caught the horse which sent all in the restaurant scrambling.

CCTV Footage Captures Runaway Horse Charging Through Bar

Last week in a sports wagering bar in Chantilly, north of Paris, customers were enjoying a refreshing beverage when a massive horse came rumbling in. The horse doesn’t exactly walk in calmy  as though she’s about to order a beer. Instead the animal runs in, bucking and kicking over chairs like she’s ready for a full-on kick-off. Indeed, the racehorse in the bar is like a bull in a china shop.

Check out the video and we’ll tell you exactly where the horse came from as well:

This guy is the best who seems not to care that much and is super chill about the horse:

The horse’s trainer, Jean-Marie Beguigne, said the filly had scrambled away from the Chantilly Racecourse, about one mile away, after her rider fell off.

Speaking to Ouest France newspaper, Mr Beguigne said:

“Between the track and the stables, her rider fell off, The filly escaped by going on to the road, and crossing a roundabout before entering this bar. It is all quite exceptional.”

What made this even more comical is it was a horse betting bar. Maybe the horse was ready to bet on her self.

Credit: YouTube / Stephane Jasmin

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