This Fight Between A Rams Fan And Raiders Fans Is Absolutely Stupid!

Fights are basically always happening between teams during joint training camp practices, and those fights are spectacularly boring. But no NFL-related fight is worse than a brawl between fans during a preseason game.

Saturday’s preseason game between the Rams and Raiders at LA Memorial Coliseum was essentially a Raiders fan takeover. Given the Raiders’ roots in Los Angeles, that wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but it did lead to this ugly scene in the stands.


We got plenty of more angles as well:

It’s preseason! And seriously, who cares if you like the Rams or Raiders, this is entertainment people!

Fans in Raiders and Rams jerseys had a full-out brawl that led to two people falling over a railing as the fight continued. Police responded to break up the fight, and the situation mostly calmed down when the officers arrived. This is clearly why parents are getting less likely to take their kids to football games.

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  1. Not surprised, This is the same city and group of people that left a Giants fan in coma at Dodger Stadium, they have the gang mentality and feel threatened when someone “invades” their territory. I feel bad for the city of Vegas when these so-called “fans” turn the strip into a war zone and wearing the wrong football jersey could mean life or death.

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