This Female Punter Absolutely Laid Out The Punt Returner With Huge Hit

Talk about a unexpected hard hit. Not only is this hit by a kicker but also she’s a female which is rare for a high school team to even have. Let’s meet North Penn High School’s Kelly Macnamara and whatch her completely laying out the punt returner from Central Bucks East High School.


??The returner looked like he had a clear lane to run until Macnamara just came out of nowhere and bodied him out of bounds. What makes this play even cooler is that Macnamara was the kicker on this play. She essentially sent the punt returner the ball only to deliver him a crushing blow on the other end.

He really should have been more cautious around Macnamara, who is one talented girl. In addition to being North Penn’s first female football player in school history, she has committed to playing lacrosse at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Here’s the highlight below:

What a great play.

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