This College Football Fan Got Banned For Storming Field, Returned In Disguise

A few years ago, Will Mackey a student at University of South Carolina decided to rush the field after a big win. The coolest part was the Quarterback came in and decided to join in as well!

The next day Will went viral.

“I started getting some retweets from people that weren’t even from this area. ‘Oh, that’s kinda cool, look at that,’” he said. “Then I ate lunch, and after I ate lunch, that’s when a wide receiver on South Carolina, Terry Googer, tweeted at me, and then that got a ton of retweets, which then sparked mine.’”

But then later on the school said he could not buy at ticket for the next game and would no longer be allowed in games. But that didn’t stop Will.

And his disguise was awesome:


College Football is the best.

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