The Warriors Officially Make James Harden and Chris Hate Each Other’s Guts

We’ve gone almost 24 hours without any unnecessary NBA drama, keyword: almost. The NBA is chock-full of drama, trades, and free agency rumors, and we got our story today. James Harden and Chris Paul hate each other. Honestly, it sounds like the Warriors caused this tension because they made it impossible for the Houston Rockets to win a title.

According to Vince Goodwill, Chris Paul demanded a trade after the Warriors beat them. At the same time, James Harden went to the front office to make them pick between the two guys.

The backcourt mates went nearly two months without speaking to each other during the season, sources said, creating a tenuous environment for teammates and everyone involved with the franchise. Harden hasn’t returned Paul’s repeated attempts at communicating this offseason, sources said, after a year in which the pair repeatedly got under each other’s skin with petty acts in practices and games.

“There’s no respect at all, on either side,” a source told Yahoo Sports. “They need to get away from one another. Chris doesn’t respect James’ standing in the league, and James doesn’t respect the work Chris has put in to this point.”

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