The Seattle Mariners New Spring Training Jersey’s Are The Holy Grail Of Jerseys

Ok so The Seattle Mariners might have an awful season this year. We literally traded our whole team (or anyone on our team worth a pulse). I think we traded the future Mariano Rivera in Edwin Diaz and I am 100% sure I will complain about this for the next 10 years every summer. It’ll probably happen sometime in Mid-August every year when our closer blows a game and The New York Mets are sitting at first place in the NL East as Edwin Diaz is working on his 144th consecutive save streak. BUT this can all be fixed if the Seattle Mariners can do me a favor and make new spring training jersey’s part of our real jerseys. I beg them. Look at this:

Yeah, true to the damn blue. I love these jersey’s, I love these hats. Am I getting too excited about a jersey? Sure. But, I have to hold on to something knowing we are admitting we won’t compete for a few years. Check out the Instagram video they posted as well:

Well sign me up for a jersey and a hat now.

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