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The Hottest Fans Of The World Cup: Fake Outrage In A PC World

Getty Images is one of the most known and reputable photo agencies in the world and they have been documenting the World Cup in Russia. Their immensely talented photographers have been capturing a whole array of moments during this World Cup including key players, and key moments of each game. Not only have they been capturing the emotional reactions of the players on the field, but also in the stands. Including… BEAUTIFUL WOMEN FANS. This sparked as usual the internet to lose its mind. Oh the audacity! (We’ll have some of the photos Getty Images published at the end of this column as well)

Twitter post by @GettyImages: The hottest fans at the #WorldCup

Since we are in 2018, and the world has lost its mind trying to be the most politically correct and appeasing to any idiot with a pulse, Getty Images was forced to take down the article and issued a public apology that stated:

“Earlier, we published a piece, ‘World Cup 2018: The Sexiest Fans,’ that did not meet our editorial standards,” the message reads. “We regret the error and have removed the piece. There are many interesting stories to tell about the World Cup and we acknowledge this was not one of them.”

“Getty Images holds a deep belief in the power of visuals to incite change and shift attitudes and we have done, and will continue to do, much work to promote and create a more evolved and positive depiction of women,”

If I was in charge of Getty Images I would double down on the absolute idiots who are offended by this and demands the piece stay! Here are some of the tweets that sparked Getty Images to take down the gallery:

Another couple fans wrote:

Hi Getty, just in case you hadn’t noticed it’s 2018, not 1975,” wrote one critic in response to a Getty Images post on Facebook. “Enough with the dated sexist claptrap.”

“Where are the sexy men fans, Getty?” wrote another.

“In the time of #metoo, this is utterly tone-deaf.” wrote another.

Yes, you read each and every one of those statements correctly. Getty Images has let these complete morons dictate their business and also has censored these beautiful women. Before I get into my NUMEROUS points of why taking this article down by Getty Images is an absolutely wrong move I want to start of my analysis of by highlighting my favorite tweet criticizing  this article’s existence:

The lady above might as well win a noble peace for her social activism and contribution to society. Give me a break. Harming these fans? And All Women? How were all women harmed in the making of these photos I will never understand? Let’s take a look at one of our favorite major Social Media platforms known as Instagram. Many women have made 100s of thousands if not millions of dollars a year show casing their beauty or “sexy” look. Here below is an example of  Alexis Ren who is estimated net worth is over 2 million dollars and her photos get over 1 million likes…



According to Forbes, “influencers” with over 100k followers can demand $5,000 dollars a post. Please tell those women, who are making their living on being “sexy” is harmful. Secondly Getty Images didn’t project an idea that women have to be “sexy” to attract our attention. However, to be  featured on a list called World’s SEXIEST World Cup Fans, yeah “sexy” might just possibly, maybe, sort of be part of the criteria.

So please tell me again who’s offended?

To everyone who is offended by this and calls this sexist I have a question for you? Maybe you are the one who is wrong. Wait, no not maybe, you ARE wrong. The ultimate empowerment for all women is to to do whatever they want (legally of course). If a woman feels sexy in their body, and wants to wear the clothes that some might label as revealing or “sexy” they should. This is the same as the argument that some feminists have chosen to fight recently saying the NFL should ban cheerleaders.

Image result for nfl cheerleaders

To those who argue that the NFL should ban cheerleaders you know what I think? I think women should ban you for taking away their rights. If a women WANTS to be a cheerleader, if a women WANTS to dress sexy, if a women DOESN’T WANT to dress sexy they should be able to dress however they want. Who are you to tell a woman she shouldn’t be an NFL cheerleader because it demeans women? If a woman feels empowered in her own certain way then she should choose that empowerment.  Many say Miss America beauty pageant shouldn’t have the swimsuit portion anymore of the contest. If you believe that, you are taking away the basic rights of these women to participate in the contest that they want to participate in.

You know who doesn’t empower women to make choices? Saudi Arabia and many other Middle Eastern countries.

Image result for saudi arabia women

These countries force women to wear Hijabs usually all in black covering their whole body and most of their face in upwards of 110 degrees weather in the summer. Saudi Arabia just gave women the right to drive YESTERDAY! So please don’t tell me that forcing Getty Images to remove their images of beautiful women is right. Because it is not right, it is absolutely wrong in every way. This isn’t women empowerment, this is a bunch of jealous women and men who aren’t as beautiful or can’t get someone as beautiful. So what do they do? They ruin the enjoyment of others. The whole reason we exist as the human species is because a man found a woman (And Vice Versa) attractive, reproduced, and made more humans. The humans that were made in the above example then went ahead and did the same thing producing more humans. Weird huh? If it wasn’t for sex… we wouldn’t exist.

So tell me again who’s offended?

Many have asked: “Where are the sexy men fans, Getty”? And the always 100% non partial and completely fair Washington Post ( sarcasm intended for those other idiots who don’t understand sarcasm) wrote :

It was the type of photo gallery that would perhaps be expected in a tabloid, but not on the website of a highly regarded, prizewinning photo agency.

Well Washington Post and all you righteous souls, all the sexy men are at ESPN. This week ESPN released it’s “body” issue showcasing men and women posing absolutely NAKED and covering their genitals in great poses. For example, Yaisel Puig was covering his private parts with a baseball glove. And New York Giants first round pick Saquon Barkley was pushing a tired naked, but the tire was covering his private parts as well. Where was all the outrage everyone?

Image result for espn body issue

I haven’t seen the outrage anywhere. Nor do I want to see it anywhere. Look many people have bodies that are in great shape. And many people who are in great shape do showcase their bodies plain and simple. But where are you Washington Post when it’s ESPN? Where are all the twitter soldiers going at ESPN? See you are not offended by any of this at all. You PRETEND to be offended because that is the society we live in now. You are expected to be outraged so you pretend to get on your high horse and preach to the world.

Social Media has accomplished so many great things. It has helped start businesses, it has made millionaires and has helped start important causes including the Arab Spring and the overthrowing of dictators. It even has helped start my business that I am writing for now. But one thing it has also done it has enabled some really stupid ideas. And when you enable stupid once, stupid keeps coming back. We can’t let stupid ideas enable the world. And most importantly, we can’t let social media always drive the narrative. 99% of the people who saw this today from Getty Images probably saw the article, clicked it, enjoyed it for a minute and then went about their day. The other 1% went to twitter, went to Facebook, went to Instagram and went to whoever would listen and made a fuss. And you know what? They got their way at the end. Remember there are 4 tires in a car, but 1 squeaky tire can be the loudest. This doesn’t mean the other 3 tires are not working. Those are working perfect. The squeaky one is the problem. So for the 1% that keeps making the loudest noises, you probably are going to keep winning. But that still doesn’t make you right.

HERE ARE THE PICTURES Of The Fans SO ENJOY: And to follow George on twitter click here.  

All Images are courtesy of Getty Images: 


Getty shares'hottest fans at the world cup' gallery METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Getty

Getty shares'hottest fans at the world cup' gallery METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Getty

Getty shares'hottest fans at the world cup' gallery METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Getty

Getty shares'hottest fans at the world cup' gallery METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Getty

And here are some photos we found on our own beautiful girls from the World Cup:

Hottest World Cup 2018 fans Russia 2

Hottest World Cup 2018 fans Tunisa and England 1

Hottest World Cup 2018 fans Senegal 1

Hottest World Cup 2018 fans Panama 1


Hottest World Cup 2018 fans Croatia 1


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