The Denver Post Prints “The Ultimate Visitors Guide To Coors Field” With A Picture Of Citizens Bank Park…

This here is the ultimate fuck up. Now, its hard to judge at times, because being part of a website I know this happens at times. There have been several times we post an article with no title, no photo, or just an extreme typo. I wouldn’t even be shocked if we mess something up right now as we sit here and bash whoever was responsible for this.

There is just two things to note here that make it a bigger deal than if we were to do it.

  1. This is suppose to be your home ballpark. We are based in Seattle, and trust us, we would know if we were posting a picture of a ballpark that is NOT Safeco Field. Just simply looking at it, it’s something that would be address immediately.
  2. This isn’t the internet. The issue with papers is that once it happens its over, its printed, and distributed. At least here we could go back and switch it up once we get our first comment saying “wow these guys are dumb.”

I feel bad for whoever did this, probably getting roasted today, but it is what it is. Pretty cool to make an ultimate guide, but c’mon, you can’t post a picture ON THE FRONT PAGE OF A NEWSPAPER, with the wrong ballpark.

What do you think?

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