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Teanna Trump Says She Slept With A Indiana Pacer’s Player When She Was 16

In an interview with No Jumper, adult film actress Teanna Trump said she had sexual relations with a Indiana Pacers player when she was 16 years old. She wouldn’t say who it was that that she had sex with but that person helped her get into the industry.

“The person that got me into porn was a Pacers player, I was 16 years old,” she revealed without saying names. “He hit me up on Instagram… We had pictures [and] videos of me 16 and having sex with this man.”

Of course we had to go look up the Indiana Pacers roster when Teanna was 16 years old and see who was on the list.

There are a few “prime candidates” here. The 3 top candidates (just our hunch) are Paul George, Danny Granger and Lance Stephenson. And the internet remains undefeated as someone tweeted out this picture as their “evidence” that it was Lance.

More evidence against Lance?

Shortly after discussing the Pacers player, she brought up another NBA star, who she referred to as a “top five highest-paid basketball player,” who logged into her Instagram account to help her with “business,” only to use it for asking nudes from men.

“So this guy is low-key gay and the world doesn’t know about it?,” Adam asked in response.

“Swear to god,” she replied.

Despite sharing all this information, she said she has a no snitching policy but had thought about “airing out” the player who logged into her Instagram.

You can Jumper’s full interview with Teanna Trump here.

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