Sports On Tap NFL Mock Draft

Welcome to the first NFL 2019 mock draft! The regular season is winding down, which means it’s time to talk about the draft. As of now, I’m using the order following all the action from week 14 in the NFL. Enjoy, and stay tune for many more mock drafts!

PC: Mathew Emmons

  1. San Francisco: Greedy Williams

What started as a promising campaign for Jimmy G and Niners quickly went downhill after losing their quarterback of the future and starting running back in Jerrick McKinnon to an ACL tear. As of now, they’re probably going to get a top 10 pick in this year’s draft which is a very good thing. A healthy Jimmy G and Jerrick McKinnon mean this team can make a serious playoff push. Having a top pick can be a blessing in disguise. Their former first-round pick last year, Mike McGlinchey, is already having a significant impact on this team so another hit in the first round will do this team wonders.

Greedy Williams is the pick here. This is definitely more of a selecting a player by need rather than best available type of pick. Ed Oliver and Nick Bosa are very enticing, but they have 3 first round defensive linemen on their roster already. The pick needs to be used wisely. Don’t get me wrong, this entire draft is a defensive heavy class but Greedy Williams is somebody the Niners simply can’t pass on. Their investment in Richard Sherman has been considered widely disappointing, and this is their time to make everything right. Williams is somebody who can be a future elite corner in the NFL, and under Sherman, the sky is the limit. Yes, I understand Williams has struggled against Alabama and Texas A&M but those two schools both contain potential future first rounders on offense who will be a problem in the NFL too. The 49ers can easily trade down, and still get Williams if they play it smart. So keep an eye out for that. Greedy Williams is somebody the Niners will love to have at any point in the draft.

PC: Jamie Sabau

  1. Arizona: Nick Bosa

At this point, any pick at almost any position would be good for the Arizona Cardinals.In my opinion they got a steal in Josh Rosen last year. Granted he’s been struggling, but it’s expected. Once he figures it out, he will make the Cardinals dangerous.

Nick Bosa is the pick here for the Cardinals. Yes, they have the beast that is Chandler Jones but all good things eventually come to an end. Drafting Bosa means getting a future stud pass rusher who can be just as good as his brother Joey Bosa. The last time the brother of a great defensive player in the NFL went in the first round was TJ Watt, and look how that worked out for Pittsburgh. Although he’s coming off a season-ending injury, it’s time to trust the genes and get somebody as close to a sure thing as possible. This Cardinals team isn’t going to be good anytime soon, but that turnaround all begins with getting sure things in the offseason.

PC: Eric Christian Smith

  1. Oakland: Ed Oliver

To be honest the Raiders aren’t in that different of a boat than the Arizona Cardinals. All thanks to Jon Gruden. In an act that could ultimately be traced back to Gruden’s personal pride, he has destroyed a Raider’s team that was once very dangerous. Maybe it’s because he already knows the Raiders are stuck with him for a while, but he has forced the franchise to rebuild according to his own standard.

Honestly, expect the Raiders to pick the best available player no matter where they land. For now, Ed Oliver is that guy. Oliver is somebody who can easily go #1 in this draft. Most scouts see him as a generational talent, while others see him as simply the best prospect in this draft. Either way, whoever gets Oliver is getting a future pro bowler defensive tackle.

PC: Justin Aller

  1. Atlanta: Rashan Gary

The Falcons made the Super Bowl not too long ago. This team still has quite a bit of talent on it, but things just haven’t been clicking since that Super Bowl. Their defense has struggled in part due to injury. Some blame should also be placed on the coaching staff as well, as they have lost 5 games this season by a touchdown or less. It also doesn’t help that they play in the same division as the Saints and Panthers who have both had strong seasons so far.

At this point the Falcons need to simply just pick the best overall player available if they want to someday make a return to the playoffs with Matt Ryan. At the same time, the Falcons could potentially think long term and use this high draft pick to pick their quarterback of the future. Matt Ryan is 33, so it’s not completely out of the picture for them to take somebody like Dwayne Haskins here even if it’s a reach.

Anyways, I have the Falcons taking Rashaan Gary the defensive lineman out of Michigan. Gary is one of the best defensive linemen in a very defensive line heavy draft this year. The Falcons have been a little underwhelming on their defensive line, and Gary is somebody who can immediately start and be a disruptive force upfront. He’s a versatile defensive lineman at 6-5, 285 pounds. Dan Quinn could use a Michael Bennet type of player on this Atlanta team.

PC: Chantel Jennings

  1. NY Jets: Jonah Williams

Sam Darnold might be the guy for the Jets, but so far this season he has struggled. The Jets as a whole struggle, and it’s not too far out there to think that Todd Bowles may still get fired. This pick may not be his to make this year.

Anyways, despite a potential coaching turnover, Darnold needs some help in New York. Jonah Williams is the best offensive lineman in this draft, and he can give any team the best chance at anchoring down a flimsy offensive line. He’s yet another tough Alabama player, and his impact should be immediate for the Jets.

PC: Bruce Newman

  1. Buffalo: Greg Little

Despite playing the worst starting quarterback in NFL history, the Bills only have the 9th pick in this years draft. They have a lot to improve to say the least, but protecting their prized quarterback in Josh Allen should be the priority here. After going through an offseason where there offensive line was torn apart, they need to rebuild the line that they failed to improve on last year.

Greg Little should go here. He’s a solid offensive tackle who has played in the tough SEC facing a multitude of future great NFL pass rushers. Little is an excellent run blocker as well, and at this point, the Bills need all the help they can get on that offensive line.

PC: Kevin Jairj

  1. Jacksonville: Will Grier

There’s a reason why in last year’s mock draft, I had the Jags taking Lamar Jackson. Blake Bortles is not that good, and it’s better the Jaguars cut him off sooner than later before they waste the prime years of Fournette and this great defense. Bortles just got benched, and it’s looking a lot like the Jaguars will draft a quarterback high.

If Jacksonville does take a quarterback, then why not take one of the best in the draft? Personally, I think Grier will be a much better pro than Herbert. Will Grier has been hot all season long and has made West Virginia a dangerous team to get in a shootout with. As of now Will Grier’s stats are 3864 passing yards, 37 touchdowns, and only 8 interceptions on the season. Grier also beat a tough Texas team earlier this season, proving his tough mentality and his clutchness. In addition, he did get in a duel with fellow Big 12 gunslinger and Heisman winner, Kyler Murray almost upsetting Oklahoma.

The bottom line is Will Grier is the real deal. This quarterback can make Jacksonville much more dangerous than they ever were with Blake Bortles. His impact will be immediate and pairing him with Leonard Fournette will balance out an offense that has struggled without Fournette. Jacksonville needs to make this happen.

PC: Joe Robbins

  1. Tampa Bay: Dwayne Haskins

Tampa Bay plays in the tough NFC South, but they’ve been very underwhelming this year. Jameis Winston is to blame for a lot of their struggles. Coming out of Florida State, he has had very high highs and very low lows. It got so bad that the Bucs chose Fitzmagic over Winston twice. Ideally Tampa Bay will move on from Winston, and that will be the end of the Winston era in Tampa Bay. That’s not a guarantee, and the Bucs could try to make do with what they have and focus on other areas. Personally, I think it’s time to blow it up, and what say’s blowing it all up then by selecting a new franchise quarterback.

If Dwayne Haskins declares for the draft, then he will be a first-round selection for sure. The real question is where. Tampa Bay will be a great fit for him. Jameis Winston has been inconsistent along with having questionable character that was going to catch up with him sooner than later. Haskins is the complete opposite. There has been no character concerns at all during his collegiate career, and he has consistently put up big time numbers this season. Haskins is somebody that Tampa Bay can rely on, and he’s a very safe pick right here. They could make Herbert their guy right here as well, but either way they are taking a quarterback.

PC: Daryl Slater

  1. NY Giants: Justin Herbert

If the Giants have an opportunity to take a quarterback they like in the first round, the speculation is that they will. No offense to Eli Manning, but it’s time to move on. Sure he has arguably the worst line in the NFL, but the Giant’s struggles tend to be blamed on him a lot. Also, he’s getting up there and it’s only a matter of time before he breaks down from the brutal beatings he gets every single week.

It’s possible the Giants take an offensive lineman here, but if Justin Herbert is still on the board when they pick it’s hard to think they won’t take him. Herbert’s stats this season have him sitting at career highs already with 2,985 passing yards, and 28 passing touchdowns. The Giants have sent scouts to look at him in person, and they reportedly like what they saw. Herbert has everything a franchise wants in a future quarterback.

He stands at 6-6, 220 pounds while still being mobile enough to be a threat in the running game. At the same time he has a great arm, and excellent accuracy when it comes to throwing the ball. In addition, he hasn’t been in the media for wrong reasons at all which is important for a future professional coming to New York. Herbert is slightly raw, and his decision making can be as shaky as his consistency sometimes but he’s the ideal franchise quarterback with all the tools to potentially be one of the best in the business. Herbert will be taken based on his high ceiling for the most part.

PC: Joshua Jones

  1. Detroit: Deandre Baker

It’s been a disappointing first season for Matt Patricia, but I don’t think they will fire him right away. There’s a lot of things that can happen for Detroit at this point. Detroit is probablly out of the playoff run, but they also play in a very difficult NFC north division. They have to compete with the likes of the Bears, Vikings, and Packers who are all in the playoff race right now. The Packers have a very similar record as Detroit, except they have 1 tie, but with Aaron Rodgers it’s hard to count them out.

Detroit has an offense that can be competitive with the other offenses in this division, but they need a defense to match up against some of these tough offenses. The Vikings and Bears already have some of the greatest defenses in the league, while the Packers have been trying to build a better defense as well. So it was only a matter of time, before Detroit starts shoring up their defense as well.

This can go a number of ways, since this is a defense heavy draft, but I see the Lions taking the second best corner off the board in Deandre Baker. Baker has been a key part of this Georgia defense for years now. Although playing in a tough SEC division, he has matched up well against some NFL caliber wide receivers. Baker is an immediate starter to put on the other side of Darius Slay, and his experiance covering tough receivers will come in handy when facing receivers like Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, Devante Adams, and Allen Robinson.

PC: Regina Rickert

  1. Cincinnati: Josh Allen

Cincinnati has a lot of decisions to make this year. Honestly there are a number of players who can go here because of how many needs they have. The Bengals are still in dire need of an offensive line, but the way things are looking this year may not be the year to select an impact offensive lineman. They may need to just select the best available player, and in my opinion it’s Josh Allen.

Unlike last year’s Josh Allen, I actually think this year’s Josh Allen is legit. Coming out of Kentucky, he’s a big reason why Kentucky earned their first national ranking in decades this year. He was third in the nation with 14 sacks. In addition, he did just win the Bronko Nagurski award which goes to the best defensive player in college football. The Bengals can use an edge rusher to put on the other side of Vontaze Burfict in my opinion. If they don’t put him on the other side of Burfict, he may very well be his replacement if the Bengals finally get tired of his shenanigans.

PC: Alabama Athletics

  1. Green Bay: Deionte Thompson

Green Bay is going through a lot right now. They did just fire Mike McCarthy after having a very underwhelming season, and their future is up in the air. Even if McCarthy didn’t get fired, the goal for Green Bay here is to continue to put Aaron Rodgers in a better position to make some Super Bowl runs. The next coach they hire should reflect their desire to continue to be Super Bowl contenders.

Deionte Thompson is a talented safety who is easily one of the best secondary players in this draft. A couple years Green Bay selected a safety from Alabama in the first round, who they did trade to Washington. It wouldn’t hurt swinging again on a similar situation. Thompson is a great cover guy, and safety. His talents should shine in the college football playoffs when they go up against heisman winner Kyler Murray.

PC: Clemson Athletics

  1. Cleveland: Dexter Lawrence

Cleveland has had a lot of turnover both in the coaching department, and player wise. Two years ago they began to solidify what they have by selecting sure things in Myles Garrett and David Njoku. Last year they built on that by selecting Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward. This year, they continue to build on what they have. So far they have a great young, and the additions of Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry have paid off as well. The biggest thing for the Browns this offseason is hiring a head coach who can put together all the talent they have.

The draft is the next big thing for the Browns though. They could go a number of different directions here, but I think next best available player is the way to go. If they do that then most likely it will be a very talented defensive player waiting for them. It could honestly not workout better for Cleveland. Quinnen Williams is very enticing right here, but I have them taking the big man from Clemson right here. Dexter Lawrence will be a giant among men even in the NFL. He easily would’ve went in the first round last year, but after another great year he has proven himself to be a top 10 talent. Lawrence will slip because there are many other great defensive players in this draft, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a impact guy.

Lawrence comes out at 6-4 and 350 pounds. Yet he has fantastic mobility for somebody his size. In addition, he’s a powerful lineman who will control the line of scrimmage. Pairing him with Myles Garrett will give Cleveland a scary defensive line for the next decade. Dexter Lawrence is the type of guy who can help Cleveland make the jump next year.

PC: New York Post

  1. Washington: Kyler Murray

Washington has lost two quarterbacks to broken legs so far this season. With reports coming out that Alex Smith’s career is very much over, a quarterback needs to be Washington’s top priority at this point. Since Smith has gotten hurt, Washington has lost the majority of their games. This is after, of course, leading the NFC east and having a very clear grip on that division as the other three teams struggled to start the season. Keep in mind Washington has been absolutely plagued with the injury bug. Their injury reserve consists of Trey Quinn, Paul Richardson Jr., Brandon Scherff, Alex Smith, Colt McCoy, and Derrius Guice. That means they’ve pretty much lost a start on offense at almost every position. They’ve also been plagued with injuries throughout the season on key players such as Jamison Crowder,Chris Thompson, and Josh Norman as well. Yet they still are in the playoff race sitting at .500.

Kyler Murray is somebody who can change the Washington Redskins. This Washington team has a lot of talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. When healthy, their receiving core is a solid group. In addition, their running backs are very talented as well. Guice was supposed to be their runningback of the future and I think he still will be. Outside of that they have Adrian Peterson, Samaje Perine, and Chris Thompson. Murray is the type of guy that could take them to the next level. Let’s be honest, the only reasons he is being taken this low in the draft are because of his stature and his want to play baseball instead. Murray did announce that he wants to play both, if that could be arranged. Kyler is way too talented for a team to not take a swing on him. In my opinion, he’s easily the most talented quarterback is this draft. If only he wasn’t a little bigger, than there wouldn’t be as many questions on him. Kyler Murray simply has the elite athleticism, football IQ, and winning mentality to play in the NFL. Keep in mind, Murray did not lose a single game in high school on the highest level of high school football in Texas. He’s been an elite quarterback prospect for years, so the fact that he’s having a fantastic season this year shouldn’t be a surprised. Especially when the guy in front of him last year was the first overall pick in the draft. I don’t see why Washington doesn’t take a chance on Murray. Keep in mind, a couple years ago people said if Russell Wilson was taller he’d be the best quarterback in his draft. Teams will be foolish to make that same mistake. If they select him, and they workout a deal where he can play baseball and football, then Washington will run the NFC east for the next 10 years.

PC: Washington Athletics

  1. Carolina:  Byron Murphy

Carolina has been playing very well this year. Their record definitely doesn’t reflect this, but Cam Newton has been playing relatively well. Especially since Christian McCaffrey has been handed the reigns at running back. Defensively they are still solid, especially after getting a steal in Donte Jackson in the second round of last year’s draft. Moving forward, this Panthers team is poised to make some noise.

Byron Murphy is the pick here. In a passing league like the NFL, it’s important to have good corners. Murphy is just that, and pairing him up with Donte Jackson is an easy step forward. Murphy may have a smaller frame for the NFL, but that shouldn’t be a concern. He reminds me a lot of Denzel Ward last year. Just like Ward, he’s a fantastic cover corner that hits well for his size. In addition, just like Ward he may get bodied by naturally bigger receivers and his press coverage is a little suspect with his frame. All that aside, this is still a great spot for Murphy to go, and he would be a great fit in Carolina.

PC: LSU Athletics

  1. Philadelphia: Devin White

The Eagles have had a rough season, but they’re still in the race to make the playoffs. At this point their best bet is winning the NFC East. Part of the reason why they’ve had such a slow start has been injuries, including the one Wentz has been recovering from. Philly still has a talented team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stand to improve in a division where Dallas is looking more like a problem.

Devin White is the pick here. Yes I know they have Jordan Hicks, but let’s be real. He ended the 2015 and 2017 season IR. In addition, he has missed a handful of games this season due to calf injuries. The Eagles may find it difficult to resign Hicks given his injury history, so selecting Devin White would be a move that will give them some insurance. I can also see the Eagles trading down, so that they could get more valuable assets for their team but if they don’t then I think White is the pick right here. Devin White is an elite middle linebacker who has dominated this season for LSU. He has just won the Butkus award for this season, and he was only 20 this whole season. The Eagles will be getting a playmaker and a steal on defense by selecting Devin White.

PC: Gwin Davis

  1. Denver: Christian Wilkins

Denver has more problems on offense than it does on defense this season. Granted they did make some great picks in Courtland Sutton, and Royce Freeman this year. In addition, they’ve found their running back of the future in Phillip Lindsay and undrafted running back out of Colorado. A quarterback would be the ideal move for Denver, but I think they’re in a position where they might as well wait next year before drafting a guy. Denver is still in the playoff hunt, and they’re making a spirited playoff push. It’s hard to believe they will get a higher draft pick in the top 15 at this point. Next year has a much more talented quarterback class anyways, with guys like Tua Tagovailoa and Jake Fromm being the headline draft eligible talent in this group.

Denver has a pretty solid defense for a couple years now. Bradley Chubb was a great pick up, and a steal in last year’s draft. Denver is in a spot where I think they could afford to trade down, so that they can better position themselves to get a Tua Tagovailoa or Jake Fromm in next year’s draft. This is a defensive heavy draft, and defense isn’t exactly their biggest need. Unless someone like Greg Little or Jonah Williams somehow falls to them at this point, than they either have to pick a defensive player they need or trade down. Christian Wilkins would be a great addition right here. A lot of the defensive linemen going in the first round in this year’s draft would easily be top 10 caliber picks in any other draft. Wilkins is no exception. He’s part of one of arguably the best defensive lines in college football, and a dominant player. Wilkins is a built defensive linemen at 6-4, and 315 pounds but moves very well. Last year he was forced to play a lot of defensive end because of injuries. In my opinion, he has elite speed for a defensive tackle and Denver wouldn’t be making a bad pick by selecting him right here.

PC: Alabama Athletics

  1. Miami: Quinnen Williams

Miami needs help on that defensive line. Last year they selected Minkah Fitzpatrick who will pan out for them eventually. This year, they will go defense and take one of the best defensive tackles in this year’s draft. They are still yet to replace the Ndamukong Suh from last year, so taking a defensive tackle this year should solve a lot of questions on their defensive line.

Quinnen Williams is somebody who has risen on a lot of people’s draft board’s into the first round of this year’s draft. He has had an excellent 2018 campaign so far, helping another dominant team to a perfect season so far. According to Pro Football Focus, “No defensive player graded as well as Williams did this season as he was dominant in every contest. He racked up 43 total QB pressures including a ridiculous 24 combined sacks and QB hits that tied for the national lead among interior defensive linemen.” Williams could very well slide into the top 10 by the end of all the bowl games. If he does fall out of the top 10, Miami would be grabbing a steal right here.

PC: Mickey Welsh

  1. Indianapolis: Mack Wilson

Speaking of underrated AFC south teams, here we have the Colts. They are back on track after not having Andrew Luck for what seemed to be an eternity. Not only are they back on track, but they also had a relatively successful 2017 draft to build on that. Quentin Nelson hit on a direct need of the Colts along with Darius Leonard. Leonard is an absolute steal for the Colts, and already a big impact player on that defense. Nelson on the other hand has fulfilled all expectations, and is arguably one of the best guards in football right now. Add in a healthy Andrew Luck and a revived Eric Ebron and you have a good Colts team. The offensive line could probably use some work still, but that’s not going to be the pick for the Colts.

Mack Wilson is the pick here. Some view him just as good as Devin White as a middle linebacker. In my opinion, I don’t see much of a difference between the two besides the fact that one of them plays for Alabama. Wilson is yet another hard hitting and great tackling linebacker for the Tide and his stock may continue to rise throughout the College Football Playoffs. It’s honestly never a bad thing to select an Alabama linebacker in the first round. Especially for a Colts team that has struggled on defense for what has seemingly felt like a decade. Oh wait.

PC: Charlie Neibergall

  1. Tennessee: Noah Fant

Tennessee is a team that plays in an underrated AFC south division. Jacksonville was supposed to be the problem this year, but they ended up having a disappointing season instead. The Colts weren’t supposed to be too good this season, yet they are relying heavily on Andrew Luck and the offense once more and are making some noise. Finally you have the Texans who are a legit Super Bowl contender with a healthy roster. Then there is Tennessee trying to battle it out with all of these teams. Their division has relatively young teams as well, so they cannot afford to fall behind. Right now they still have a decent chance of making the playoffs, but in the future it could prove to be difficult to keep up with the other teams in the division. Tennessee could easily go defense here, but I think there is a playmaker on offense that they simply can’t pass on if he’s still here when they pick.

Noah Fant is an absolute monster. The 6-4, 230 pound tight end out of Iowa is simply a mismatch nightmare. Outside of quarterback, he may be the best offensive player in this year’s draft. Fant reminds a lot of David Njoku, and I see him as somebody who can be the biggest threat on a lot of offenses in the league. The Titans have relied on Delanie Walker for a very long time, but this may be where they start to transition away from him. Walker is 34, and even though he remains productive it may be better to draft a replacement now. Fant would be a perfect fit for Marcus Mariota and the Titans. He may be Tennessee’s best bet at staying competitive in an underrated AFC south.

PC: Oklahoma Athletics

21.Baltimore: Marquise Brown

Baltimore continues to battle in AFC north, and has been consistently decent over the years. In my opinion, Lamar Jackson can take them to the next level. The only thing is, that Baltimore tries to run Lamar too many times. Maybe they don’t trust his passing yet, or they don’t trust his receivers but for them to take a step forward their passing game needs to get better. At this point, I don’t think Joe Flacco will get them back in the playoffs again after this year.

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown has become a dynamic wide receiver for an Oklahoma Sooners team poised to make a run at the national title. Some may argue he is even better than N’keal Harry. Brown is simply a playmaker. Nothing against N’keal Harry, but Brown is somebody who will pack the stadium even before he proves himself. Especially if he gets a national title ring. Brown also happens to be the cousin of Antonio Brown, and there are bound to be many comparisons to him. They are relatively the same size. The difference is that Antonio Brown is 186 pounds, and Marquise Brown is 170 pounds (if that). Hollywood Brown does have a lot of speed on him. His highlight reel is insane, and the Ravens would be getting a first round caliber guy in Marquise. Pairing him with Lamar Jackson, would be a very fun duo to watch. He can have a significant impact on the Raven’s passing game. Like I said, Brown is a playmaker with the charisma, name, and talent to pack a stadium.

PC: Joe Robbins

  1. Minnesota: Montez Sweat

Minnesota is not exactly having the dominant season they thought they would be happening. This could be due to the rise of the Chicago Bears, or maybe just the lack of chemistry so far with Kirk Cousins. Don’t get it twisted though. They still are a good team. It makes sense that a transition year is needed, before putting everything together.  The Vikings will improve next year, but they need to keep up with a growingly competitive NFC north.

Montez Sweat, the 6-6 245 pound edge rusher out of Mississippi State is the pick here. He’s a natural at pass rushing, and has proven himself racking up 22 sacks the past two seasons. In any other draft, he would be more of a mid round pick but this is a heavy defensive draft. In addition, he did have some attitude/behavior problems in the past. In the modern NFL, teams have to be careful drafting players with a bad behavior history. Montez Sweat, is a great defensive player that the Vikings will gladly take on at this point in the draft.

PC: Paul Sancya

  1. Pittsburgh: Devin Bush

The Steelers have seemingly been an up and down team. One day they look like title contenders, the next day they’re losing to mediocre teams like the Broncos. Maybe it’s all the Le’Veon Bell drama, or it’s the lack of an adequate secondary. Either way, it looks like the Big Ben era is coming to a close. Luckily they have two potential replacements in place who both have a lot of potential. So quarterback isn’t the pick here. In addition, they have guy in James Connor who has been proving that not only can he replace Bell, but he can be better too. At this point the only area of improvement, is the Steelers defense. Their offense may have their struggles, but there is no doubt that on a good day this is a offense that can withstand an offensive shootout with the best teams in the league.

It’s time to think realistically and draft a middle linebacker. Devin Bush is that guy. Shazier has been making progress, and as of now still plans to play. Ryan Shazier is looking to make a comeback this next football season. Personally I think he needs to retire and not risk it, but it’s obvious he’s committed to this Steelers team. Even if he were cut, I’d still think Shazier would find a way to play. Even if Shazier does play, taking a middle linebacker as insurance is not a bad idea. Bush is a first round talent despite only being 5-11. He did put in work before this season, and went from 222 pounds to a solid 240 pounds. In addition, he still had a great season leading a dominant Michigan defense not showing signs of slowing down. Bush is a tough run stopper, and fantastic in coverage. Bush may be on the smaller side, but he’s feisty and definitely a Pittsburgh type of guy. He’s somebody who can help finish games for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

PC: Alabama Athletics

  1. Seattle: Raekwon Davis

Seattle is in total rebuild mode after seemingly disbanding the legion of boom. It also didn’t help that they reached severely for a running back in Rashaad Penny. While he has shown flashes here and there, he’s not the starter this season for the Seahawks. That should be at least a little bit concerning for them. Lucky for them, this is a defensive heavy draft. They can go in a lot of different directions here.

Raekwon Davis is yet another dominant defensive player to come out of Alabama. Like I said, a number of other defensive players may go here but Davis in my opinion is one of the best defensive linemen left on the board. He’s a versatile player that can play either a 3-4 defensive end or 4-3 defensive tackle. Davis’ stock may still move up in this year’s draft especially with Alabama in the College Football Playoffs.

PC: Rick Scuteri

  1. Oakland: N’Keal Harry

This is the second of three first rounds picks Oakland has. After trading Amari Cooper, Oakland is in dire need of a playmaker on offense to help Derek Carr. Carr has had nothing to work with, and I think Gruden gets a little antsy here and takes a swing on somebody he thinks can replace Cooper.

N’keal Harry is no doubt one of the best receiver in this class. At 6-4, 221 pounds he not only has the body of an NFL receiver, but the skill of a future pro bowler. He has good speed for somebody his size, but even better hands. Harry could probably play tight end at his size. This is a guy who will not only grab jump balls, but could potentially break a slant for a touchdown. The Raiders would be getting somebody who may turn out to be even better than Amari Cooper, assuming everything pans out for them.

PC: Clemson Athletics

  1. Oakland: Clelin Ferrell

This is Oakland’s final pick in the first round. Right here they get a steal in Clelin Ferrell. Some may have seen his development as a little underwhelming compared to where everyone thought he would develop to. He’s still a first round talent, but not as impressive as the other defensive linemen on Clemson’s team. He may be playing with some great defensive linemen right now, but his production is just not there to show that he can be his own great player. He only has 10.5 sacks this season, even though he has been playing with players who are sure fire 1st round talents. Not to mention first round talents that could be taken in the top 15. Ferrell still has the college football playoffs to showcase his abilities, and he may rise higher. But for now the Raiders are getting a great player to put with Ed Oliver.

PC: Michael Bonnor

27.Houston: Jeffery Simmons

After having a rough start to the season, Houston has simply exploded taking a lead in the AFC south. In addition, they look like a legit Super Bowl contender. After losing 3 straight games, that have rattled off 9 straight games. A lot of this credit is due to them finally having a healthy team. JJ Watt has been healthy and as dominant as ever so far this season. Deshaun Watson has been the same, having a great bounce back year. The Texans look primed to compete for a Super Bowl for a very long time at this point.

Ideally, the Texans would take a running back here, but with so many great defensive player it’s hard to imagine they will reach for a running back here. Instead they go with the other dominant Mississippi State lineman, Jeffrey Simmons. He is a dangerous interior pass rusher, and very powerful at the point of attack. He is easily an upgrade over DJ Reader or Brandon Dunn. At this point, the Texans need to just get more dominant, and Simmons will do just that. He can relieve some of the pressure off of JJ Watt, which will benefit the entire defense having JJ Watt loose. A lot of people have Simmons higher than this, but I don’t think that will stick. He was involved in a street fight many years ago that involved him beating a woman repeatedly. It’s hard to think this won’t come up as the draft comes closer, and his stock will start drastically falling.

PC: Michigan Athletics

  1. LA Chargers: Chase Winovich

The Chargers look dangerous this season. Philip Rivers has been having a fantastic season so far. For once in a very long time he has Keenan Allen fully healthy. In addition, he has Mike and Tyrell Williams who have been explosive. This Chargers team can contend for a Super Bowl, and they even lost top corner Jason Verrett and tight end Hunter Henry to early season ending injuries. This Chargers team is as complete as it gets. Imagine what they can do next year.

Nevertheless they select Chase Winovich the defensive end out of Michigan to further bolster their defense. Although Winovich stats have went down slightly this year, he is still a talented player off the edge that could contribute to an already scary Chargers defense. The Chargers could select a quarterback, but taking one with a late pick like this would be a waste. They may as well wait until the second round.

PC: Matt Cashores

  1. New England: Julian Love

I could very much see the Patriots trading out of the first round as they tend to do seemingly every year. Like I said it is a great deep defensive draft, so they could probably trade down and get two players who are just as good as whoever they select right here.

For now, I have them taking the cornerback Julian Love out of Notre Dame. He’s a versatile corner who can also play safety. In addition, he has a lot of experience on special teams which the Patriots will love. He’s matched up well against wide receivers who have made it to the pros, and he is a very underrated prospect. Like I said, the Patriots would probably benefit better trading down instead.

PC: Washington Athletics

  1. Green Bay:Trey Adams

This is the Packers second pick, and I have them taking Trey Adams the offensive tackle out of Washington. He’s simply the next best offensive linemen worthy of a first round pick. He definitely has the size of an NFL offensive tackle, and he has used his length well in all blocking situations. Adams is somebody who should’ve went in the first round in last year’s draft, but an injury forced him to wait a year. Regardless, he’s still a good offensive lineman prospect for Green Bay to take right here.

PC: David Bowie

  1. LA Rams: Jachai Polite

The Rams are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. A lot of people have them not only going to the Super Bowl, but winning it. This is a team that will be around for awhile, but they do have some salary cap issues lingering in the future. They’ve accumulated guys like Marcus Peters who will soon be wanting to get paid a lot. So time will tell how long the majority of this team stays together. For now, they build to maintain dominance.

The Rams take Jacahi Polite the defensive end out of Florida right here. Polite is a great pass rusher, known for excellent explosiveness. He has a lot of potential to be a great speed rusher, but he lacks consistency. It’s not that he isn’t showing effort, in fact he’s giving it his all almost every down. Consistency is just something he can work on a long with better hand work. Either way, the Rams are getting somebody who can help relieve Aaron Donald pass rushing wise.

PC: Alabama Athletics

32.Kansas City: Damien Harris

Kansas City was having a great season until Kareem Hunt’s video got released. I could be much more critical of the Chief’s lack of discipline, but this isn’t the article for that. As great as Kansas City is right now, it’s hard not to think that they will begin to fall off slightly without a star running back.

Damien Harris is the pick here, but only because of Kareem Hunt. Don’t get me wrong, Harris is very talented, but he’s probably not worth the pick at this position. Teams are probably more comfortable taking him in the 2nd or 3rd, and him being a steal rather than him not living up to the expectations of a first round pick. Regardless, Harris is a great prospect and his stock can only go up at this point. Harris isn’t Kareem Hunt, but he’s a good all around running back who knows his role well.

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