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So Does Kyrie Irving Hate Charity?

We knew it was just a matter of time that news outlets would start dropping some of their interesting tidbits they had about Kyrie Irving and The Boston Celtics tumultuous season. Well, someone has dropped a few fun facts. Who? Jackie MacMullan. And when Jackie MacMullan drops a piece. You listen. There is probably no one more connected in the media than her to The Celtics and she dropped this piece Friday afternoon.  Well we got a couple of our favorite stories but one of them made us ask the simple question. Does Kyrie Irving hate charity?

At the completion of the regular season, the team set up 100 balls in a room for their charitable partners. Everyone signed the balls except Irving. When pressed to do it, say team sources, he was neither aggressive nor confrontational. He merely said, “No, I’m not interested in that.”

I mean what kind of guy can’t write his name on a basketball in the name of raising money for charity? There’s no excuse for that, it’s just you are kind of a mean person. No way around it. Honestly, in the story this wasn’t even necessary. But it seems like Jackie just wanted to put a little smear on Kyrie. Well deserved.

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Another story paints a picture on some vidoes we had floating around the regular season:

On Jan. 9, the Celtics blitzed the Indiana Pacers at home, then flew out that night to Miami, arriving at the team hotel after 2 a.m. on Thursday. Boston was set to play the Miami Heat that night, but, team sources said, that didn’t stop some of the young players from heading to South Beach, where the clubs stay open well past 5 a.m. It’s not uncommon for NBA players to go out when they’re on the road, but Irving was irked teammates decided to do it in the middle of back-to-back games.

The Celtics ended up submitting a lackluster effort in a 115-99 drubbing at the hands of the Heat.

You might remember that game because this happened:

If you are a Celtics fan you are probably sick of Kyrie stories. But good news if your a Celtics fan… it seems like The Kyrie Irving era is coming to an end in Boston.

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