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Quiz: We Can Tell You Which NFL Quarterback You Are By Your Lifestyle Choices

We would love to be an NFL Quarterback. But which NFL Quarterback should you be? This Quiz will tell you which NFL Quarterback you are based on the lifestyle choices you make.

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  • What Is Your Ideal Meal?

    • Spinach And Greens
    • A Burger
    • A Salad
    • A Good Ole’ Steak
    • Fresh Seafood
  • How Do You Like To Dress?

    • Jeans And Tee Shirt
    • Designer Clothes
    • Shorts and Flip Flops
    • Hoodie
    • Only Sports Gear
  • How Old Are You?

    • Over 50
    • Over 40
    • Over 30
    • In My 20s
    • Teenager
  • What Kind Of Music Do You Listen To?

    • Rap
    • Classical
    • No Time For Music
    • Rock And Roll
    • EDM
  • Where Would Be Your Ideal Date?

    • Movies
    • Dive Bar
    • Broadway Show
    • Fancy Restaurant
    • Church
  • What Kind Of Car Do You Drive?

    • Truck
    • Mini Van
    • Sports Car
    • Luxury Sedan
    • SUV
  • Where Do You Prefer To Live?

    • Mountains
    • Big City
    • Middle of Nowhere
    • Southern
    • Coastal

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