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Quiz: Your Favorite Movies/TV Shows Can Reveal Which College Football Coach You Are

Answer a series of questions about your favorite TV series and movies and we can tell you which College Football Coach you are.

Are you ready? Which college coach are you.



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  • Which one of these action movies are your favorite?

    • Bad Boys
    • The Dark Knight
    • The Matrix
    • The Terminator
  • Which One Of These Comedy Movies Is Your Favorite?

    • The Hangover
    • Borat
    • 40 Year Old Virgin
    • Superbad
  • Favorite Seinfeld Character?

    • George
    • Kramer
    • Jerry
    • Elaine
  • Favorite TV Sitcom?

    • Seinfeld
    • Friends
    • How I Met Your Mother
    • The Office
  • Favorite Science Fiction Character?

    • ET
    • Darth Vader
    • Spock
    • Luke Skywalker

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