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Seattle Seahawks Believe Russell Wilson ‘Would Like To Play Elsewhere’

The clock is ticking for the Seattle Seahawks and their Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson. The superstar QB gave the Seahawks an April 15th deadline to get an extension done, where he wants to be the highest paid QB in the NFL.

Per a league source, the Seahawks think that Wilson would like to play elsewhere, even if he hasn’t and wouldn’t ever say it. They also believe that this unspoken dynamic will cause Wilson to drive a harder bargain with them than he would with another team.

When asked last month by Jimmy Fallon about a rumor that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson could end up with the Giants, Wilson said, “I’m not sure if the Seahawks are gonna let me get away.”

Today, there were more rumors looming when Chiefs safety, Tyrann Mathieu, chimed in on the situation claiming that he has some information regarding Russell Wilson wanting to end up in New York.

Who knows what will happen, but the Seahawks surely need their QB who has saved them for years on end…

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