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Rich Hill Wants Donald Trump To Stop Tweeting About The World Series

We have fully arrived to the analytics world of baseball. Los Angeles Dodgers manger Dave Roberts has been criticized during this World Series for some of the pitching changes he has made in tight spots of the game.

During Game 4 of the World Series – Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill was throwing a gem of a game, only to be taken out by manager Dave Roberts to put his bullpen to work.

The Boston Red Sox were finally able to get some hits off the reliever and it led to a comeback tying the game 4-4, which eventually led to the win.

President Donald Trump seems to agree that Roberts (and MLB managers in general) shouldn’t be taking out players when they’re hot.

Well, many people took to Twitter with anger that Trump is tweeting about baseball, on a tough day in America.

Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill was also not very happy about this, and didn’t care for Trumps opinions…

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