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Ranking: The Top Looking Cheerleaders In College Football


College. The place where we love football, we love watching the spectacle of football and college sports in general. I assume many of you reading this have either been to college, going to college soon, or are in college currently. The rest of you? Well you’ve at least heard of college. And we all know one of the best things from college sports is the girls. We love them. You love them. And the whole University tends to love them as well. So what did we do? We thought it be a great idea to rank the top 50 college cheer squads based on.. what else? Their GPAs (Just Kidding). Their looks. So sit back, enjoy and make sure to that you comment in who you really think is #1.

50. Notre Dame


Notre Dame fighting Irish cheer squad are some of the best in the country. From their great outfits to their colors these girls are some of the best cheerleaders in the country.

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