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Rams DT Gives Perfect Answer To Jeff Fisher Question (VIDEO)

Authentic. That’s one word that was the premise around Kristine Leahy’s new show “Fair Game” on FS1. Michael Bowers gave 100% authenticity.

Bowers, a Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle, was asked a simple question about his old coach, Jeff Fisher.

What would your record be with Jeff Fisher as coach this year?

His answer was perfect: “Man … I don’t know, 7-9?”

Well of course the Rams right now are 8-0, following an 11-5 record with second year coach Sean McVay. There has been a clear shift in LA.

“I just think the accountability, the accountability as far as everyone being on the same page, having just really strict core values of what this game is all about and what we’re all about,” he said. “I think we didn’t have [it then] and I think that’s what we have now with Sean McVay. We have the same players, it’s just a different atmosphere.”

Fisher coached the Rams for five years, the first four in St. Louis, before the team fired him late in the 2016 season.

His record those years:

2012: 7-8-1

2013: 7-9

2014: 6-10

2015: 7-9

2016: 4-9 (he made true on his promise during HBO’s “Hard Knocks” to avoid going 7-9)

Looks like Brockers is pretty accurate here.

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