Mike Leach, For Some Reason, Went to Cambodia To Meet With Their Prime Minister

I think we have already come to the conclusion that Mike Leach is the most interesting man in College Football, from long drawn out stories, to chasing racoons, Mike Leach never disappoints . But this one came out nowhere and even we didn’t see this coming:

Seattle Times-Two state senators, a state representative and a football coach walk into a palace in Cambodia …

This isn’t the start of a new joke, but a description of reports out of the Southeast Asian nation that Cougar head football coach Mike Leach and three Washington lawmakers are in the Cambodian capital this week, where they met with the prime minister and other government officials.

I mean look at this! Mike Leach went to Camboida, with politicans to meet the prime minister?! Mike Leach makes the Dos Equis man look boring: The Legend continues:


“He’s someone who loves discovering new things. He loves to travel,” Stevens said of Leach. The coach is also a friend of Baumgartner, the Spokane Republican who is giving up his Senate seat this year to run for Spokane County treasurer.


A website called Fresh News International, which carries the slogan “Breaking News on Your Hand”, reported the four met Monday with Hun Sen and 10 other dignitaries at Phnom Penh’s Peace Palace. That report says Ericksen, whom it identifies as a U.S. senator, noted Cambodia’s rapid economic growth, which he attributed to Hun Sen.

What kind of partnership could exist between Cambodia and WSU?! Is Leach recruiting the Cougars next quarterback from there? I doubt it.

Leach did keep us updated VIA twitter on his trip:

And now they are Taiwan:

Leave it to Mike Leach to make a meat shaped stone, fascinating.

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