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Michael Jordan Refused To Endorse Beanee Weenee For $1 Million A Year

Michael Jordan has endorsed a ton of products during his lifetime as the GOAT. But this one particular product Michael Jordan refused to endorse because he would not under any circumstance and that is simply because of the name of the product. What is the name of this certain product? “Beanee Weenies”.


The legend who was and still is constantly featured in Gatorade, McDonalds, and Nike commercials just couldn’t find it within himself to say he eats weenees.

The story coming from Sports Illustrated quoted MJ saying:

“Two or three years ago Quaker Oats came to me to endorse Van Kamp’s pork and beans — Beanee Weenees, I think it was called,” Jordan said. “You ever heard of Beanee Weenees pork and beans? It was close to a million bucks a year. I’m saying, Beanee Weenees? How can I stand in front of a camera and say I’ll eat Beanee Weenees?”

Well now that I think about it Michael Jordan’s estimated net worth is as follows:

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.27.35 PM

At the time, Beanee Weenies offered MJ I don’t think he envisioned himself being worth 1.9 billion but at the same time there is probably 1.9 billion different things i’d say on camera for 1 million dollars a year. Beanee Weenie happens to be one of those 1.9 billion different things. Let’s check out a Beanee Weenie commercial:

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