LSU’s New Helmets Change Colors Under Stadium Lights And Are Absolutely Sick

LSU plays Mississippi State Saturday and the debut brand new helmets that are just super sick. These helmets actually change color under the lights. And they pay homage to the past and future. Check out these bad boys:

Now I can hear all the grandpa’s and grandma’s yelling ” I don’t care about no stinkin’ uniforms” well.. these actually pay homage to the past so shut up”

“LSU releases their alternate uniform design for the Mississippi State game. It’s got color-changing helmets and symbolism toward The Silent Season of 1918, when LSU didn’t play football because of World War I”

Let’s also point out the jerseys have an oak pattern on them, a reference to the 30 oak trees that were planted on campus in honor of soldiers from the LSU community who were lost in the war (including one MIA).

some people forget LSU has a strong military heritage – it was started by General William Tecumseh Sherman in 1860, who gave it the nickname “Ole War Skule.”  It was even used as an actual military post.

The LSU ROTC program fosters perhaps the University’s first and oldest student organization and its oldest tradition – the military heritage that has been part of the institution since its beginning under General William Tecumseh Sherman, who is believed to have given LSU the nickname “Ole War Skule.” For a number of years, the campus was a former military post, located adjacent to the Mississippi River near what is now downtown Baton Rouge.

Today, the same Pentagon Barracks provide space for state offices and other elected officials, and one can look out from them onto the official gardens of the state capitol and view the grounds on which LSU cadets once drilled and practiced military training. Since 1926, the LSU Corps of Cadets has been at home on the present campus of more than 2,000 acres.

Pretty cool all around.

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