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Listen To The Announcers Reactions Of Sorority Girls Ignoring The Baseball Game!

We all know we live in an era where we have to have our phones everywhere. And of course everywhere you go it has to be selfie time:


But these announcers at the Arizona Diamondbacks game have seen enough as they watch a group of what seems to be sorority girls totally ignore the baseball game (and frankly each other) and just play with their phone the whole time.

(Courtesy of MLB Youtube)

Now we can say the announcers are a bit being grumpy old men. But they might have a point.


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  1. At least they are sitting down. Trying walking down a street with these self-obsessed individuals who are ruled by their cell phone . . . and it’s not just young women! They wonder all over the path, run into poles, fall off curbs, run into cyclists and blame the cyclists, cross busy roads on a red light . . . I’m amazed more aren’t killed by their foolishness.

  2. The female fans are participating in the fan participation contest explained by the visual graphic at the beginning of the video, announced to the fans in the stadium by the stadium PA and explained at the beginning of the video by the TV announcers. It is a fan participation contest involving taking a selfie and tweeting it in during the game.

    Why would the TV announcers shame these fans for doing exactly what the contest required and why would this go viral where mindless people jump in to mob shame these fans. This video is probably the best example of ignorance infecting a population into mass mob shaming and perpetuating a stereotype. True, however, duck face is an unfortunate phenomenon.

    • Except they continue to do it and when something happens in the game they are there to watch, the majority of them don’t even notice. The contest was supposed to be done between innings because not paying attention at a baseball game can be very dangerous. No one is shaming anyone here. These girls are typical examples of a generation who don’t know how to function without a phone by their side.

  3. Perhaps next time put the camera image on the jumbo-tron to shame them. This should get their attention next time!

  4. Is it 3 years ago again already? Also, the fans were asked by the stadium announcers to take and post selfies from the game, and the team/announcers publicly apologized.

  5. The fans were not asked to take ‘selfies’ during the game and tweet them, it was a ‘Fan Photo Contest’, any fan could tweet a photo and be entered into the contest, either at the game or fans watching on TV or even fans listening to the game on the radio. At no point was it stated that one of the criteria for entering the contest was the photo had to be a selfie. These narcissists, if they were taking part in the promo at all, decided to put their phones in their faces and rattle off multiple ‘pics’ of themselves. Who knows how many filters they used. The fact that that was their interpretation of the contest shows how far gone these children are….again, that is if they were even participating in the contest. As we all know, self obsessed people like this don’t need an excuse to worship themselves. And the team nor the announcers apologized, the majority of people are on their side.

  6. Meanwhile, these girls have spent their money on tickets and stadium food and are surrounded by empty seats. Would the announcers prefer that they stay home. I guess they could announce the game to an empty stadium.

    • How do you know they spent their money on tickets and food? Coming from a pro sports marketing background I’d say there is a very high probability that they got comped tickets, no college sorority girls are going to get together to go to a baseball game. Nah, they got free tickets through some promo and probably got vouchers for food as well. Then when they saw another promo involving photos they just couldn’t help themselves. The announcers are making fun of them and anyone like them because it’s an insult to the sport, go to the game and at least try to learn about baseball, silly girls like this make things worse.

  7. Why didn’t they show this on the big screen? That would have been funny; but they probably wouldn’t see that either!!

    • Didn’t have to be selfies, any photo would do. The fact they saw the need to go bananas with their phones and their silly faces shows how sad they are.

  8. the sexist comments on this page! The girls were asked to take selfies, they were having a good time, and to those of you who say no sorority girls would pay to go to a game – wrong, my sorority sisters and I used to go to the game to drink beers and talk shit and check out the hot players back in the day. Maybe the game should have been more dynamic.

  9. Get off our porch…. shouts the announcers…….everything was better in my day …….chimes in the color man….those girls are jerks …..agrees the angry bloggers who dont watch baseball themselves, let alone go to a stadium. LMAO. people just want a reason to justify their constant anger based on their own judgement of others. Play ball!

    • Assuming people commenting don’t watch baseball is an angry judgment, you just projected your own behavior onto others. Good job. This is a display of gross narcissism and it isn’t the only one, we have all seen it many many times and it’s a disturbing trend in society. You can either recognize the signals or stay ignorant.

  10. Is that headline accurate? Doesn’t seem that the game is going on.

    Every generation busts on the younger generation — and vice versa. No generation is a monolith. The current younger generation is, on balance, no worse than previous ones. Baseball can be boring, and announcers shouldn’t make fun of paying customers.

  11. It’s more a commentary on current state of baseball. The pace not able to captivate sorority girls, nor many of us long time fans.

  12. For the people saying baseball is boring, it’s because you don’t know the sport well enough to know what’s taking place. There is always something going on, most of it is very subtle and you have to know the sport well to pick up on the signals and have an understanding of what you’re watching. It is a cerebral sport, not a ‘slap you in the face with constant excitement’ sport. This and many other things are the problem with the millenial generation, and that generation is notoriously poor at life and it’s pretty well established at this point. What is troubling is people older than that generation who follow the sad trends of that generation. In this case, baseball is the perfect example. It is a game that, if you’re paying attention, makes you think, makes you consider many different scenarios and the outcomes of those scenarios, requires you to read the situation and discern what needs to happen for the best result, triggers the synapses to fire and keeps the brain healthy. But no, this is a display of young girls needing to have constant shock to be entertained, and the people commenting trying to defend this silly behavior are worse. Modern day America is a civilization that reached a point well beyond decadence and in doing so it has an entire generation of people who no clue how to live life fully and just become part of the low/no substance crowd. It’s only a matter of time before the collapse, it’s happened to every group of people in history once they reach this point.

    • See now, Jason is the kind of jackass who needs to have constant entertainment to keep occupied. Can’t enjoy the subtleties of things. He’s probably a hardcore video gamer spending hours everyday on his playstation in mom’s basement and watches comic book hero movies.

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