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Knicks Weren’t Willing to Offer KD A Full MAX Because James Dolan.. #makeMSGgreatagain

This could be one of the worst days in New York Knicks history. The summer from hell began with not getting the first overall pick in the NBA draft. But it was ok there was the dream of getting Kyrie and KD. And then yesterday, there was the rumors that Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant could join the Knicks. Then today, A Woj BOMB dropped and sent the MSG faithful into a free fall:

Yup, the other side of the bridge. The Brooklyn Nets changing the landscape of basketball was tough to swallow for New York Knick fans.

But then word came out that The Knicks weren’t even willing to sign KD to a full max deal because of his Achilles injury.

Things could not be going worse for The New York Knicks but the positive news at least this guy is your owner:

Yeah, things couldn’t be going worse.

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