Ken Griffey Jr. Narrates “Rewrite The Rules” MLB Postseason Commercial

The start to this MLB playoffs has been something special.

It all started with ties in two different NL Divisions. The NL West had a dead even tie between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Colorado Rockies, while the NL Central had the same drama with the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers.

One game. Winner takes the division… loser to play in the ANOTHER one game, loser-goes-home situation.

Now if thats not the drama you want going into the postseason, you must not love baseball.

Get this, we have even more excitement. If the New York Yankees beat the Oakland Athletics in their one-game wildcard playoff matchup we get what we all want.

Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees.

Please. This is what the baseball gods must bring us.

In honor of the postseason the MLB gifted us with this beautiful “Rewrite The Rules” commercial with narration from the one and only Ken Griffey Jr. Legend.

At least Griffey is wearing a Mariners hat… the most postseason action Seattle has seen in 18 years.

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