John Starks Says Draymond Green Would Get Punked In 90s For Attitude

Well, this has been a wild week for Draymond Green amid his fight with Kevin Durant… on top of that, the Golden State Warriors seemed to side with KD and give Green a one-game suspension from the team. They had a verbal altercation Monday in LA against the Clippers and this has caused a lot of media for the week. 

Green was clearly the the instigator of the argument and made the scene much louder than it needed to be, and it continued in the locker room after the game, according to reports.

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The former New York Knicks star spoke with Scoop B and explained how Draymond Green would’ve gotten checked real quick if he played ball back in the 90’s.

Starks was a hard working player himself, but he is not so fond of the way Draymond does things…

“Golden State Warriors forward, Draymond Green would not have made it in the 90s, says former New York Knicks guard, John Starks.

“Draymond is just wild,” John Starks told me on Scoop B Radio.

Some say that Green might fit in with the 90s era of NBA basketball with the likes of Charles Barkley, Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, Dennis Rodman, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone and others.

Starks disagrees. “It’s good that he’s that way,” he said.

“But believe me, Draymond, back in the day, would probably have gotten checked real quick for his antics.”

Starks knows a thing or two about tough guys. He was a Knick teammate of Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason.“See back then, guys are gonna test you,” said Starks.

“They’re not gonna be like talking, talking, talking. Those big guys are gonna test you and see how tough you really are, but they can’t do that nowadays.”

This is coming from a guy who was tough himself, but Draymond just rubs off people the wrong way…

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