Jermaine Greshman Was Nice At Airport And Then It Went Viral!


Jermaine Gresham who plays TE for the Arizona Cardinals helped a random person out in a very nice way.

Delilah Cassidy, who was flying American, had trouble when her bag weighed a bit over the limit, costing $50. Having just returned from Europe, Cassidy explained on Twitter the story:

The airline told Cassidy she’d have to miss her flight, until a stranger offered to pay the price…..

What a nice guy right?

She offered to pay him back, but he, of course, declined.

It took an hour and a half after Cassidy’s Twitter thread before she found out who it really was:

What an great and awesome thing to do and story!

Gresham wasn’t the only NFL player committing a random act of kindness in an airport, either. Earlier this week, Packers running back Aaron Jones helped a stranger in a wheelchair:

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