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Jared Goff Called A Play “Halle Berry” To Get Her Attention…

Jared Goff is a Hollywood QB so he had to take the chance to call out this Hollywood actress.

LA-Rams quarterback Jared Goff hoped that when coach Sean McVay relayed the “Halle Berry” playcall Sunday that the stadium would be quiet enough for it to be heard on TV — and for the actress herself to hear it.

Mission Accomplished

According to reports:

Goff became a giddy kid when told in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum locker room following the Rams’ 36-31 victory over the Seattle Seahawks that Berry tweeted about his pre-snap shoutout.

“Wait, hold on, are you serious?” Goff said. “She heard it!”

Goff quickly searched for Berry’s tweet, then grew increasingly animated as he showed it to teammates and coaches.

Afterwards: Goff did what any man in his right mind would do.. he shot his shot:

Well, just incase you forgot Halle Berry is an attractive women:

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