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Janoris Jenkins Owes Landlord At Least $700,000 After Crazy Scene At Home

Back in June of 2018 a dead body was found inside the basement of New York Giants CB Janoris Jenkins’ home. The landlords of Jenkins now are asking for a large sum of cash for the loss of value to the Fair Lawn, New Jersey property. Jenkins rented the property for two years and the lease ended in May of 2018, but the body was found in June after he moved out.

During that time period, his brother was accused of aggravated manslaughter for the death of a man in the basement of the home. Janoris Jenkins ended up being innocent in the cause, but his brother wasn’t. William Jenkins is accused of killing music producer Roosevelt Rene after the two got in an argument in the basement studio.

The lawsuit is seeking $700,000 in damages due to the value of the home decreasing by 30 percent after a murder happened in the home. The law-firm claims the New York Giants cornerback violated the terms of the lease by allowing his brother, who had a lengthy criminal record, to live at the property.

Having signed a five-year, $62.5 million deal with the New York Giants in 2016, you would hope that Jenkins is able to pay off the debt that is being asked, whether it’s ‘fair’ or not.

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