Jameis Winston To Return As Starter And I Am Thrilled

Today the Tampa Bay Buccaneers according to Adam Schefter will be bringing back Jameis Winston as their starting QB for one more try in 2019 to see what the future holds.

Can you guess who is happy…. this guy.. cofounder George Jarjour. I have been a huge Jameis Winston supporter since his days at Florida State and has been a consistent defender of the Crab Leg grabbing QB since he has been drafted. So Here is to one more chance! One more opportunity and one more year of myself swearing that this is the year that Jameis will put it all together. I want to thank the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization for this opportunity.  I want to thank Jameis Winston for doing just enough to keep the Buccaneers tantalized, and I want to thank all fellow members (probably 1 other in the country) in the Winston support group.

What do you think?

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