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Ja Rule Tries To Curse The Sacramento Kings And Proves He’s An Idiot

?Ja Rule has had a really bad months after becoming an internet meme due to his involvement in the failed Fyre Festival, which was a few years ago but was brought into a larger light by documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. He continued his embarrassing run recently with a ?cringe-worthy halftime show during 90s night at a ?Milwaukee Bucks game.

Since then, Ja Rule has gotten into an altercation with the ?Sacramento Kings and tried to place a curse on the team. Unfortunately, Ja Rule seems to have further cursed himself, as his tweet backfired and led to even more online trolling. And proved the dude is an idiot.

Ja Rule cursed the Kings by claiming the organization would never win a championship and predicting that ?Karl-Anthony Towns would leave the team as a free agent. This all sounds good right? Well, the main problem here is that Karl-Anthony Towns plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves not the Sacramento Kings.

And the Sacramento Kings saw the tweet:

This comes after an absolutely embarrassing halftime performance in Milwaukee.

Sacramento Kings star De’Aaron Fox had some thoughts for Ja Rule as well:

It’s been a rough start of 2019 for Ja Rule. As he’s reemerged in the public light in the worst way possible.

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