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It’s Simple Take The Rockets OVER & The Clippers UNDER in 2018-19 NBA Season

I find this to be way too simple…

The Houston Rockets have a 56.5 over/under in Vegas this year after coming off of a 65 win year. They lost Trevor Ariza, but added James Ennis and of course, Carmelo Anthony, I have a hard time believing they will be TEN GAMES WORSE than they were last year. Of course, they brought back Clint Capela, Chris Paul, and James Harden (the MVP).

Secondly, the Los Angeles Clippers, 37.5 over/under. Take the under. I repeat, TAKE THE UNDER. This team overachieved last year, and lost it’s best player in DeAndre Jordan. Don’t forget that the entire Western Conference is better, and of course, the Lakers added LeBron James which will make Clipper Nation a dark and lonely place once again.

To find out my whole NBA over/under predictions subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud – Just type in “That Being Said” or “SONTSports” and the podcast will be up next week… in the meantime:

Me, Sami Jarjour, @JarjourSami on Twitter – YouTube & Instagram tells you why to take the Rockets over and the Clippers under:

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