Is Stephen A. Smith Saying He ‘Received The Word’ About Kawhi Considering Lakers BS?

Stephen A. Smith famously always has a nice twist for the dramatic. And today on Get Up on ESPN (which possibly is the worst show of all time) said he has “received word that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering the Los Angeles Lakers”. The video is here below.

Ok here’s the thing. First of all, you got to love Mike Greenberg acting like the over dramatic, factor made, tv host he is. The long pause and asking Stephen A. to “repeat that” is absolute out of 1980s TV school. No need for the dramatics Greenie. But here’s the thing. My sources (have none) say Stephen A. is 95% BSing here. I love Stephen A. Smith. He’s TV gold but remember this a few weeks ago?

I love that Stephen A though just spitballs this stuff. Look, I’d do the same. Plus, the way Stephen A. Smith says this is gold. “I’ve been told”. It’s basically saying someone told him, and he’s taking it with a grain of salt. Anyways, who knows what Kawhi does? But if he does head to The Lakers, that’s one scary team.

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