High School AD Placed On Leave After Saying “Girls Ruin Everything” On Video

The guy students at Soddy-Daisy High School in Tennessee are no longer allowed to wear athletic shorts.  Which in itself is kind of weird and pointless rule to have but that’s not really the point of this story, the point of this story is that the Athletic Director of the high school went on video to put a message out there to all the boys in the high school, and what seemed almost like parody had a lot to say. But what got him in trouble is simply that he said:

“Girl’s Ruin Everything”

When you watch the video below, take a look at the man’s face. The man really doesn’t care and honestly seems like he is completely joking.  But we have a couple main questions here:

  1. Is he serious?
  2. Did he just break up with a girl or something?

Check out the full video below:


Our favorite quote could be:

“Speaking of boys and girl: PDA. We’re gonna need to limit that. We’re gonna need to limit that a little bit. Just take that down a notch. Or 10. Save some for the honeymoon, you’ll be fine. So no kissing or hugging in the halls. We’ve seen enough. On your own time… well I really wouldn’t do that either on your own time, but as long as it’s not on my time, I’m not going to be there, hovering over you, watchin’.”

This guy was obviously jokin’. But 2018 America so we need to freak out. So the question for you all is.. should he be fired or not?

What do you think?

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