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Grayson Allen’s GF Put A Pic On IG Of Them And The Internet Roasted Him

Congratulation, Grayson Allen, you’re a lucky guy and you got yourself a girlfriend. (Duke Soccer Star Morgan Reid).

So what do you do when you are dating someone? Of course, you put a photo of you two on Instagram with a cute caption “My mans”. Anyway’s here is the photo:

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my mans

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So of course the internet reacted… in typical hater fashion.

A couple of more great comments were:

“Isn’t that the punk that ?always trips and makes dirty plays in college and NBA?” one innocently asks (not the NBA, so much, but still).

“What trait is possibly desirable from this scum?”

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Anyways: Why don’t we share a few pictures of her to enjoy:

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Birthday shenanigans 😜

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7 semesters down, 1 to go 😳

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Yeah, at least we know Grayson ain’t trippin’ with his choices of women. Damn.

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