Gary Payton: Bronny James Committed to Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles

Gary Payton revealed some big news in the sporting world today. While sitting down with BSO’s Sheena Quick, he was asked about odds of where LeBron James is landing this summer, and he revealed some big info on his son, Bronny.

“Anything could happen. People don’t look at everything. (LeBron James’) son just committed to Sierra Canyon which is in the valley of LA. That’s where his son is going to go to school [with] Scottie Pippen’s son and Kenyon Martin’s son. So, that’s a move that they’re going to make … if everybody looks at it with a son at that age, you don’t want to be away from him during that period of time. During the time that we’re having, basketball is school time. I think that (Bronny) needs a father during that time and that’s it. I don’t think LeBron is that type of parent, I think he wants to be around his son a lot and see his son play a lot.”

Here is the video:

Spectrum SportNet’s Chris Palmer tweeted that he has called and asked the school and it was not true that Bronny is commuter to Sierra Canyon

Bronny would not be the first “child star” to be a part of this schools history. Marvin Bagley, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, & Willow Smith are just a few Notables. The Basketball team, more importantly, has 5-Star Guard Cassius Stanley along with Scottie Pippen Jr., and Kenyon Martin, Jr.

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