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Games On Tap: Thrones Season 7 Recap

Winter is here. The wait is over and Game of Thrones is back with season 8 tonight. Let’s quickly freshen up on what happened season 7 and then we will be posting our betting picks/theories on what we think is going to happen in season 8. Let’s freshen up with what’s going on with some of our favorite characters.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenery’s who is an savage in a good and bad way now at this point landed on her ancestral family home of Dragonstone and got ready for her impending invasion of Westeros. However, she decided not to use the Dragon’s on King’s Landing because she didn’t want to slaughter innocent citizens and and burn the city to the ground. That’s because she is fucking awesome. This turned out to be a disaster on some sorts. Meanwhile in the west Jaime executed Olenna Tyrell by making her drink poison. And she admitted to killing Joffrey. Whoa.

Jon Snow

The new King in the North found his rule threatened when Daenery’s sent him a letter telling his ass better travel to Dragonstone. Everyone told him he shouldn’t. But he did anyways. Him and Daenery’s decided to basically join forces and had a pact.

Sansa, Arya & Bran

Meanwhile Jon’s sisters or cousins or whatever they are at this point (since we learned in season 6 that Jon was actually a secret son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen were having their own trouble’s at Winterfell. Arya on her way to kill the Queen in King’s Landing heard that Jon was crowned king and went to Winterfell where she got reunited with her brother and sister. But the warm and happy shit that happened quickly turned bad after Sansa found a bag of faces in Arya’s bag and Arya found a letter that Sansa wrote to Robb Stark a long time ago swearing fealty to Joffrey. Oh and fucking Petyr did this. So what did they do? They put him on trial and Arya slit his fucking neck. And he died.

Cersei & Jaime

So this is where shit gets interesting. After Tyrion returned to King’s Landing and spoke to Cersei and convinced her to meet with Jon and Dany so they can have a truce against the white walkers. Tyrion also found out that Cersei was pregnant. And of course with her brother’s child. I hate her guts. Anyways “she agreed” but later we find out that it was just a ploy. She wasn’t going to help against the White Walkers she was actually going to try to destroy Jon and Dany’s army instead. After shetold that to Jaime he finally was like “fuck you sis/lover” and got on his horse and rode North.

The Ending

Let’s break down where we left off before season 8 begins.

1.Sam Abandoned the Citadel and arrived at Winterfell. He also knows that Jon is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, and that the lover’s had actually married in secret making Jon who is really named Aegon Targaryen the most direct heir to the Iron Throne over Daenerys.

  1. On their way back to Winterfell from King’s Landing. Jon Snow or now Aeegon and his aunt Daenery’s had sex on a boat. But they don’t know they are related so it’s not as bad as Jaime and Daenery’s.

  2. The Night King reanimated the corpse of one of the dragon’s and used it to destory the wall.

  3. And as Jaime departed King’s Landing leaving Cersei alone with The Mountain for company. Snow started falling. Winter has come.


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